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Mt. Dora, Florida

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We're excited to once again offer flights in Mt. Dora, FL.
(30 miles NW of Orlando) from November until April.

If you're interested in booking a flight, please call the pilot, John, at (612) 812-1223.

Over 10,000 happy customers

John Justad Hi, I'm John Justad, your pilot. 

Feel free to call me about your reservations.

You'll find tour packages listed below.  We also have charter services available, and can fly you anywhere in the country.

I look forward to flying with you! 

John Justad
  (612) 812-1223

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Fly over Florida's virgin forests and waterways
in the famous de Havilland Beaver  with John Justad as your pilot!

Sightseeing tours taking off daily from Mt. Dora, Florida.
7 days a week 10 am to sunset. Leaving hourly.
Soar over sparkling lakes.  Enjoy a spectacular bird's eye view of
Lake Country with John Justad as your pilot!

Call (612) 812-1223

Choose from eight new Package Tours or Create Your Own Tour!

Mount Dora, Lake Dora

See the entire Lake County & Harris Chain of Lakes. Great aerial views of Deer Island Golf Course, Mount Dora, and the area’s pristine spring-fed lakes.

Total time: 30 min.
Flight time: 10-12 min.

$150 total 
(as low as $21.43 per person)

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Lake Apopka Restoration Area

See the Apopka/Beauclair Canal, Antebellum Mansions, the amazing Muck Farms near Lake Apopka, pristine Lake Ola; this tour is rich in history and features.

Total time: 35 min.
Flight time: 15-17 min.

$200 total 
(as low as $28.57 per person)

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The Golden Triangle

Fly over the beautiful cities of Mount Dora, Tavares and Eustis. See the entire Harris Chain of Lakes, huge homes, citrus groves – some right in the middle of the city -- and much, much more.

Total time: 35 min.
Flight time: 15-17 min.

$200 total 
(as low as $28.57 per person)

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Grand Harris Chain of Lakes

Our most popular tour includes all of Trips 1-3, PLUS the Dead River, Lake Joanna and a closer look at many of this beautiful area’s highlights.

Total time: 45 min.
Flight time: 25-30 min.

$250 total 
(as low as $35.71 per person)

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The Villages Tour

Fly over to the amazing “Villages” area. Along the way, you’ll see Tavares, the Dora Canal, the Dead River, Lake Harris, Lake Griffin, Haines Creek, Locks and Dams, Eustis and much more -- an amazing amount of very diverse scenery! Urban to natural, busy to serene, and the
Villages is really something from the air.

Total time: 60 min.
Flight time: 40-45 min.

$375 total
(as low as $53.57 per person)

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Clermont and Sugarloaf Mountain

An exciting low-level trip along the shore of Lake Apopka, after checking out the Muck Farms and the Apopka/Beauclair Canal. Then we continue southwest to Clermont to see the Citrus Tower and the beautiful lakes in that area. On the way, we'll see Sugarloaf Mountain, one of the highest points in the State of Florida. This is a fun route with LOTS to see, maybe even some ‘Gators!

Total time: 60 min.
Flight time: 40-45 min.

$375 total 
(as low as $53.57 per person)

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The St. John's River Tour

Fly over to Lake Monroe, where one of the most beautiful stretches of the St. John's River flows north. Follow the river into the Ocala National Forest and see Lake George, one of the largest in the state. Continue southwest and view the U.S. Navy's gunnery range -- A surreal sight in the middle of the forest -- the natural beauty of the Ocklawaha River, Lake Griffin and Haines Creek; and the cities of Eustis, Tavares and Mount Dora.

Total time: 75 min.
Flight time: 55-60 min.

$495 total 
(as low as $70.71 per person)

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Theme Park Tour

We'll fly over the Muck Farms and Lake Apopka on our way for a most unique view of what brings so many to Central Florida: Disney World, Epcot Center, and the Universal Studios parks. We'll get a great look at the city of Orlando, and lots more along the way there and back.

Total time: 75 min.
Flight time: 55-60 min.

$495 total 
(as low as $70.71 per person)

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See what YOU want to see, for as long as YOU want to fly.
Make up your own special tour! YOU DECIDE: how many people you want to take, how long
you want to fly, and where to go. Let’s go see your house, your favorite golf course, or just meander
around a special area. We’ll take you wherever you want to go! Trip costs are simply based on total
Flight Time. You can choose the route in advance, or just make a decision “on the fly!”
(We typically stay within 25 miles of Lake Dora, and 500-1000' above the ground; unless specifically arranged in advance.)

15 Minutes - $150
20 Minutes - $200
25 Minutes - $250
30 Minutes - $300
45 Minutes - $395 60 Minutes - $495

From as low as $21.42 to $70.71 per person!

Call (612) 812-1223 FOR MORE INFORMATION

You'll find Beaver Air Tours in northern Minnesota from June - October.
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What our customers have to say
5 stars "Best $50 I ever spent!"

5 stars "What a smooth landing.  I wasn't expecting that."

5 stars "I took pictures with my phone and texted them from the plane.  Love it!

5 stars "I really liked the air coming in from your window. The fresh air on my face felt so good."
5 stars "OMG!"
5 stars "We watched the colorful sunset colors from our plane.  It was the most romantic date I've ever gone on."

5 stars "I had no idea there were this many lakes.  Beautiful!"
5 stars "Thank you so, much John.  We loved the bush plane experience."
5 stars "Your guided tour was very informative.  I'm surprised you know so much about Central Florida."

5 stars "Truly unforgettable experience!  Thank you John."

5 stars "I wanted to do something special for my girlfriend.  She loved it!"

5 stars "Wow!"
5 stars "This plane ride was one of a kind.  This will go down in family history."

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New engine every 1500 hours

Rigorous maintenance of the de Havilland Beaver includes installing a new engine every 1500 hours.  Our current engine was installed in November 2012.

About John Justad

Owner, Lake Country Air Service/Beaver Air Tours

John Justad, owner of Lake Country
                          Air Service and Beaver Air Tours

John Justad is a commercial, instrument-rated pilot.  John lives in Duluth, Minnesota, during the spring, summer and fall. 

In the winter months, when Minnesota lakes are frozen, John flies seven days a week from the Lakeside Inn dock in the central Florida vacation hotspot of Mt. Dora, Florida.

The rest of the year, John flies sightseeing tours over the lakes and forests of the Minnesota Northwoods.

John is well-respected for his knowledge of the areas where he flies.  He shares fun facts about points of interest and welcomes questions from his passengers.  John has flown over 10,000 passengers from all over the world.

(On the rare occasion that John is personally unavailable, a carefully selected, experienced, qualified, trained and personable pilot will be on site to give you an exceptional experience.)
The legendary Beaver seaplane, immortalized in song and images ...

"The Beaver Ballad"

by the Fretless Bar Girls

A Note about Weather Conditions

We want you to have
a safe and enjoyable ride!

Call first if you have concerns about the weather.  (612) 812-1223

We fly when clouds are at least 1000 feet above the ground, winds are between 0 - 15 mph, and there is no precipitation.

Other considerations:

  • We will not fly if there are storms in the area.
  • Thunderstorms must be at least 25 miles away and moving away from our area.
  •  Excessive heat and humidity can lead to poor aircraft performance. Reduced passengers loads can sometimes improve performance.
  • Seaplanes generally do not fly at night. We'll need time to return to base after the last flight of the evening.

I look forward to flying with you,

John Justad

(612) 812-1223

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